Saturday, 8 December 2018

Window Shopping in Italy

After all the budgeting that happens when we plan for a vacation, we barely think of the possibilities and plethora of options to shop we'd encounter during the actual trip. We obviously go on an overdrive before the trip to ensure that the bag is packed with not just what is required for the trip but also for those few months we'd have to spend on a Godforsaken island should the flight get lost and land in one. So, when we actually arrive at the destination, in this case Italy, we have that odd wish to lose what we're carrying, and to suddenly undo the prior shopping overdrive back home. 

<sigh>.......only if I had all the money.......<sigh>

Citrusy Summer

The beauty of the Mediterranean is best enjoyed with gallons of  seasonal juices....this is the time of the year when the lemons are their zestiest and tangiest...

A lemony decor at Positano

Most popular lemon juice vendor on the Amalfi drive

Lemon themed store at Amalfi

Summery Couture

Just something for the beach

Some examples to follow to head to the beach

The sun's up, time to dress up

This is how you pout at the beach

A pretty store under the canopy...spots of light escape through the canopy

Did you know linen is the order of the day
Is the store front prettier or the clothes sold in the store?

Pretty Wares to Take Home

Crockery from Capri

Olive oil dispensers from Amalfi

Handmade crockery from San Gimignano
Enjoy the Tuscan views and take them home too

When in Tuscany :)

A shop in the medieval town Monteriggioni 

A spot to cool your heels in a winery

You might find more wine bottles in Tuscany than of water

Wine bottles of all sizes and shapes

Clinking bottles, dangling meat

That's the shape of a bar cum gelateria cum cafetaria in Monteriggioni
Hope you enjoyed the images...I love looking through the windows as I walk by the streets to discover things I've never seen before....And also framing the sights to take back home...coz my bag isn''t BIG enough :-)


  1. A smile on my face ( sweet memories )

    A sigh in my heart
    ( wish we could go back )

    A gratitude on my lips
    ( It happened )

    Ti Amo Italy 😘😍🤗

  2. Colorful, vibrant, full of life; each telling a story of its own. Awesome pictures Mammu! 👌👌


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