Sunday, 18 March 2018

Prague Diaries: A Touristy Splendour

A city of contrasts...that's what I would define Prague as! Absolutely magnificent sights, but the volume of the touristy crowd made it inconvenient and even uncomfortable to enjoy the sights, as a visitor should!

The city has both heritage associated with it, as well as the modernity that brings quirkiness to it.

There's a tram running on the surface, and a metro running under.

There's so much more to say about the city, but let's leave my judgments aside, and just enjoy the beautiful views:

Bridges across Vltava

A prominent square that was the source of shopping as well as entertaiment

Another view of Wenceslas square

Hire a ride through the heritage part of the city, and arrive at the castle in style

Prague Castle in evening light

An island in the middle of Vltava

Imagine a dreamy walk along the river lined with heritage buildings

The czech might find this to be just a normal sight, but for me, each colour and shape is a sight to behold

In front of the castle

A glorious evening atop the hill that houses the castle

Tourists here, tourists there

Me: Look at her impeccable style. She: Ah, it's a normal day, I'm just heading out for groceries

A relaxed evening, a warm cup of coffee, at an open square.

Old Town Square in front of St.Nicholas Church

Just a street-side cafe, but how pretty is it! Straight out of a magazine...

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