Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Prague Diaries: Charles Bridge

Hi folks!

Here's something I've tried for the first time. I've always put together my images and my story telling to create blog posts. Boredom leads to creativity. In my case, I got bored of the old format. So, here I've tried to put my voice together with the images. It's quite raw in it's form, and I must still get accustomed to the tools, but here I am. Presenting the set of images from an evening at Charle's Bridge, Prague. Hope you like it.

For the photographically inclined, who've been keen on taking a closer look at each image, here you go:

The bridge and the colors of the twilight

Faraway castle against t he evening sky

Tall stony structures lit by the city lights

The stars in the sky, and the competing city lights

Lights dazzling in the river water

Vltava river rendering colors to the lights on the bank

A casual walk on the bridge that completes the visit to the city

St. John the Baptist on Charles Bridge

The bridge is lined on either sides by lamps and statues of many saints

All in all, a great evening spent

As always, thanks for your time!

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