Saturday, 8 December 2018

Window Shopping in Italy

After all the budgeting that happens when we plan for a vacation, we barely think of the possibilities and plethora of options to shop we'd encounter during the actual trip. We obviously go on an overdrive before the trip to ensure that the bag is packed with not just what is required for the trip but also for those few months we'd have to spend on a Godforsaken island should the flight get lost and land in one. So, when we actually arrive at the destination, in this case Italy, we have that odd wish to lose what we're carrying, and to suddenly undo the prior shopping overdrive back home. 

<sigh>.......only if I had all the money.......<sigh>

Citrusy Summer

The beauty of the Mediterranean is best enjoyed with gallons of  seasonal juices....this is the time of the year when the lemons are their zestiest and tangiest...

A lemony decor at Positano

Most popular lemon juice vendor on the Amalfi drive

Lemon themed store at Amalfi

Summery Couture

Just something for the beach

Some examples to follow to head to the beach

The sun's up, time to dress up

This is how you pout at the beach

A pretty store under the canopy...spots of light escape through the canopy

Did you know linen is the order of the day
Is the store front prettier or the clothes sold in the store?

Pretty Wares to Take Home

Crockery from Capri

Olive oil dispensers from Amalfi

Handmade crockery from San Gimignano
Enjoy the Tuscan views and take them home too

When in Tuscany :)

A shop in the medieval town Monteriggioni 

A spot to cool your heels in a winery

You might find more wine bottles in Tuscany than of water

Wine bottles of all sizes and shapes

Clinking bottles, dangling meat

That's the shape of a bar cum gelateria cum cafetaria in Monteriggioni
Hope you enjoyed the images...I love looking through the windows as I walk by the streets to discover things I've never seen before....And also framing the sights to take back home...coz my bag isn''t BIG enough :-)

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Prague Diaries: A Touristy Splendour

A city of contrasts...that's what I would define Prague as! Absolutely magnificent sights, but the volume of the touristy crowd made it inconvenient and even uncomfortable to enjoy the sights, as a visitor should!

The city has both heritage associated with it, as well as the modernity that brings quirkiness to it.

There's a tram running on the surface, and a metro running under.

There's so much more to say about the city, but let's leave my judgments aside, and just enjoy the beautiful views:

Bridges across Vltava

A prominent square that was the source of shopping as well as entertaiment

Another view of Wenceslas square

Hire a ride through the heritage part of the city, and arrive at the castle in style

Prague Castle in evening light

An island in the middle of Vltava

Imagine a dreamy walk along the river lined with heritage buildings

The czech might find this to be just a normal sight, but for me, each colour and shape is a sight to behold

In front of the castle

A glorious evening atop the hill that houses the castle

Tourists here, tourists there

Me: Look at her impeccable style. She: Ah, it's a normal day, I'm just heading out for groceries

A relaxed evening, a warm cup of coffee, at an open square.

Old Town Square in front of St.Nicholas Church

Just a street-side cafe, but how pretty is it! Straight out of a magazine...

Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Prague Diaries: Charles Bridge

Hi folks!

Here's something I've tried for the first time. I've always put together my images and my story telling to create blog posts. Boredom leads to creativity. In my case, I got bored of the old format. So, here I've tried to put my voice together with the images. It's quite raw in it's form, and I must still get accustomed to the tools, but here I am. Presenting the set of images from an evening at Charle's Bridge, Prague. Hope you like it.

For the photographically inclined, who've been keen on taking a closer look at each image, here you go:

The bridge and the colors of the twilight

Faraway castle against t he evening sky

Tall stony structures lit by the city lights

The stars in the sky, and the competing city lights

Lights dazzling in the river water

Vltava river rendering colors to the lights on the bank

A casual walk on the bridge that completes the visit to the city

St. John the Baptist on Charles Bridge

The bridge is lined on either sides by lamps and statues of many saints

All in all, a great evening spent

As always, thanks for your time!

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Naschmarkt at Vienna

The marketplace:

A walk through the bylanes of the market

Waiting to serve - a pretty sight actually

A busy restaurant

Sit by the street and while the time away watching the people go by

Another pretty sight - ain't it?

The sale:

Waiting to fill some belly

The brilliance of colours in the dead

Did you notice Ayurveda mentioned there?

This is how you eat it...

Mad gentlemen, yeah?

What I liked about Naschmarkt:

Wood overlay

Art with vowels?

Notice the layers in this graffiti

The radiant flower

It took me a while to recognize parts of the have a go too

As a mommy, all I can imagine this to be is...pencil shavings!

One happy farmer

The people featuring in the images are there as a co-incidence. My intention is never to cause any trouble to them. Hence, they have been purposefully blurred keeping their privacy as the prime concern. So, if you are wondering if this is some person you know, then I would like to clarify that you don't.

For the photographically inclined, I travelled light with just one camera body, one lens and no tripod or accessories. The gear used is Nikon D7000 with Nikkor 18-105 mm VR lens.

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