Sunday, 19 February 2017

Fancy Vehicles from Way Up North

During a recent visit to Jaipur and Agra, I was amused by the variety of vehicles that people use inside the city. The colours, the quirkyness, the innovations around them and the practicality of the vehicles, they're so typically from the region and actually are unique. Given the extreme hot temperatures, all these modes of transport are airy. The colourfulness of the cities have rubbed off on the vehicles too.

Some of my favourite images from the trip are shared here. Have fun checking them out:

Colour Steer - Inside the car we'd rented for the day at Agra

Unabashedly adorned - decorated cart, decorated men!

Smitten by royalty - The visitors returning from Taj, Agra

A Smile in Transit - a rickshaw at Agra

Left to squabble - so what if it's the most uncomfortable seat!

Too tight for comfort - It was interesting to watch this rickshaw make it's way through the galli.

Historical city, historical ride 

Want a Ride?

Until the Actual Metro is Ready

Red Hair Riding Red Rickshaw in the Pink City

Chatty Ride in the Old City

Trot Trot to Cover a Lot

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