Sunday, 2 July 2017

Vienna Un-still

I was wondering, what I can do to best present my pics from our recent trip to a few cities in Europe, given that the collection is very large, and the task of processing, herculean. It occurred to me that the city has to be presented for its essence and I should focus mainly on the images that were effortless, reserving the others for special considerations. With this background in mind, I've put together the below set of images captured while we were on the move, or when the subject was on the move. It's quite obvious to the people who know me that I love capturing streets, and soaking into the atmosphere.

Here, you'll see all things that caught my attention while I was on foot, or the sights that passed by while I was peeping through the window :-)

The Beauties

1. Identify this

2. Identify this

3. Identify this

4. Identify this

5. Identify this

6. Identify this

The bus qualified to this section because it doesn't just take you sight-seeing, but it's a sight to behold in itself!

Pretty Trams

The traditional way

The modern version

Super sleek, and so quiet that it can surprise you with a sudden horn if you're lost on its tracks

View of the City from the Hop-On Hop-Off

Urania and Adagio right next to the Danube canal. We'd rented an apartment at Adagio during our stay at Vienna.

Old city

The Big Bus on its Red route

A view from Albertina

So, this is how you perfect the art of watching the world go windows, open roof, top floor of the bus, just the right combo for a cold but sunny day

The typical view of a skyline in Vienna...always consisting of tram cables

Transported (for sure) In Time (?)

The "Been there, done that" activity

Must be a great feeling...

Wonder if he has a rear view mirror there, checking out his looks

Other Curious Modes

No better way to explore the city than this...dedicated cycle lanes, and great weather

The city is so rich, a poodle also has a defined mode of transport :-P

A leggy mommy and a cozy baby...both enjoying shopping on Mariahilfer Straat

Yep, all you want to do is lose those layers of winter clothing and ride through the streets soaking up the sun

Makes for a great outing with your group of friends...hire bikes and ......go biking

Princess on wheels

Pretty! Isn't it? Absolutely! 

Vienna made for a perfect vacation to chill and to just do nothing specifically. I would like to call it "The perfect city to watch the world go by"!

Watch out for many more blogs to come from this trip. If you identify any of the cars in the above pictures, feel free to tag them against the number in its title. 

The images of people used here are simply a representation of the spirit of the theme and in no way are intended to cause any trouble or interfere with their privacy. All the above images are copyrighted by the author of this blog post. Re-production or storage or transmission or usage of these images in any form even electronic is strictly prohibited.

Monday, 1 May 2017

For Sale: Tender colours and Strung Fragrances

Location: Flower market in the City Market area, Bangalore
Time: 6 am - 7.30 am
Occasion: Just a casual visit to the market, where business is as usual.

There was a time when any big festival called for a visit to this market for purchase of flowers at a wholesale price. One would usually reach the venue by 6 am to make it in time for the freshest flowers to arrive in the market. Suddenly, the business would pickup and reach a frenzy within an hour, and most sales would be complete by 8.30 am.

The market operations are no different now. Though fewer retail transactions take place, the new breed of wedding decorators, florists and event managers throng the market to grab their share for the day.

I've documented the goings on with the same level of awe and curiosity as I had when I used to visit this place as a kid during festivals. If you're a Bangalorean, I'm sure it'll bring back memories of visits to the local markets and the smells of jasmine and rajnigandha flowers from the garlands as you passed by.

Top view of the market complex
Too many transactions
Brisk business
This'll soon adorn a bride
Focused light to brighten the wares

Buds yet to be strung
The platform that's the shop

Looking up to a flowery future
A life that's flowery
King of red roses
We specialise in stringed, multicoloured products
Hard bargain
A different wheel this..
Blobs of colour
Flower burst
Hope you like the images!

Gear: Nikon D7000 camera body + kit lens (18-105 mm VR) + Tokina 11-16 mm AT-X pro, handheld and available light.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Fancy Vehicles from Way Up North

During a recent visit to Jaipur and Agra, I was amused by the variety of vehicles that people use inside the city. The colours, the quirkyness, the innovations around them and the practicality of the vehicles, they're so typically from the region and actually are unique. Given the extreme hot temperatures, all these modes of transport are airy. The colourfulness of the cities have rubbed off on the vehicles too.

Some of my favourite images from the trip are shared here. Have fun checking them out:

Colour Steer - Inside the car we'd rented for the day at Agra

Unabashedly adorned - decorated cart, decorated men!

Smitten by royalty - The visitors returning from Taj, Agra

A Smile in Transit - a rickshaw at Agra

Left to squabble - so what if it's the most uncomfortable seat!

Too tight for comfort - It was interesting to watch this rickshaw make it's way through the galli.

Historical city, historical ride 

Want a Ride?

Until the Actual Metro is Ready

Red Hair Riding Red Rickshaw in the Pink City

Chatty Ride in the Old City

Trot Trot to Cover a Lot

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