Sunday, 27 September 2015

My Version of Alice's Wonderland

This story dates back to 2005 when I'd visited the highlands of Scotland, and specifically the northern end called Isle of Skye. We were returning from a near risky adventure along a cliff with extreme weather. Very strong winds and incessant rains had battered us. We were still driving back to our base, the island town of Portree when our driver Collin stopped around the most wonderful corner that looked "out of the world"! He called it his version of Alice's Wonderland. 

It truly was that beautiful, almost magical! The rain added that misty feel to the beauty when we looked through the window. Despite it being a gloomy day, there seemed to be some sort of glow under the trees that lit up every pretty flower. And there were bunches and bunches of flowers everywhere, most delicate. They bore colours so gentle, and yet those colours were co-ordinated among the flowers of all the trees. Occasionally, a creeper or two played peek-a-boo from the short tree canopies, weighed down by the flowers. Even upon nudging, none of us moved from our car seats. Our clothes and shoes were rain soaked and the chill had set in. That day, all we'd wanted was a warm place to rest our feet and a hot cup of coffee. 

Its been 10 years since, but I've visited those vivid memories several times wondering if I should have actually stepped out of the car, braved the rain, stood under those lovely flowery dreamy trees, and felt what it was like to be Alice. The irony is that I don't have a single picture of this place. I still nurture the wish to go back to that place, but what if I cant find Collin to take us there? Because it was Collin's Wonderland....and with so many years of deliberation, I'm almost certain it was a dream. Reality could never be so beautiful!!

So, here I've made an attempt to construct my own version of the wonderland, with my favourite flowers, favourite colours, textures and formats. Enjoy a trip through it. Sit back, increase the image size to suit you, play your favourite music, stretch :-) Look into the details of each image. The petals, their edges, the glow, the texture and experience the joy I did when I created these images. Enjoy!















The images are from a recent trip to Singapore, and specifically their National Orchid Garden which was in full bloom just in time for Chinese New Year celebrations in February.


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