Friday, 5 June 2015

The piggyback diaries

For years, I've been visiting the cultural fairs in Bangalore, and for years, I've noticed one common aspect about tiny tots. They all grow taller!! Taller on their dad's shoulders and get that vantage view point to enjoy the visual extravaganza. That's an advantage even I was bestowed upon, and I still cherish the scenes I'd watched from above my dad's shoulders!

So, all these years, as a curious photographer, I've just watched and appreciated the dads in awe while I was busy capturing the typical scenes of the fair. For once, it struck me that its these dads who should be the points of focus. While there is quite a lot said and appreciated about women and their contribution to a family and raising kids, men who play the quieter role of providing unconditional support are given lesser attention and due appreciation. Now getting back to the fair, whats been consistent over all these years is that dads are always the ones who carry the children around, and with such flair! Afterall, the piggyback rides are the most adorable sights to look out for.

Kadalekai Parishe 2014 gave me a fabulous opportunity of documenting dads and their piggyback rides. What I did not expect though is the diversity of expressions and activities I'd be exposed to during this exercise.

Here we go checking out the summation of hundreds of my observations.

My daddy strongest

Got to go miles
Carry the tiny angels to their destiny
Do my best to provide all that I can
And learn in the process, sometimes from the child and sometimes from others
Baby comes as a package you see
She was gifted to you  coz you're the most deserving one
You are there, for anything, even for a basic hand grip
The baby clings to you for love, even if it chokes 

Fun with daddy

Daddy makes for a great partner to share munchies (even to snatch!)

He can listen to a lot of my creative compositions

Infact, he is the perfect specimen to test the noise limits

"Me and my daddy" moments

He is usually happy
Sometimes grumpy
Adores me
Admires me
Manages my sleep
Manages my PR
But all he's trying to do is find a reflection of himself in me

The habitual multitaskers

My dad afterall is a posterboy of multitasking
He can do many things while carrying me
Enjoy a book with me in a fair
Catch a moment for himself
What better way to describe him than to say "He is my hero"


I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did creating it. It did bring back a myriad pleasant memories of my dad from the bygone era.

Thanks for stopping by!!!!!

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