Saturday, 28 February 2015

Eastwards ho!

The land where sun rose earlier....150 minutes earlier actually...

The sun rises in the sky

The country of the size as Bangalore city still poses as the ideal to the politicos of namma city for its cleanliness, for the skyscrapers, for the order, and for what not! While our politicos have forever been Singaporing Bengaluru (on the other hand in the far west, a big set of people have been complaining about getting "Bangalored"), my curiosity about this little land to the east has been growing for the attention it has grabbed...

My rendezvous with Singapore started with the first sight of a tiny hazy faraway land...

First sight of Singapore

And grew in size and intensity gradually...

As the flight got closer

What followed in the days to come, were bursts of culture, touristy sights, sophistication, impeccable order across the city, a model I'd assumed never existed...Here are a few glimpses of this beautiful city I'll remember for setting the standards very high

Biz district

Name any global bank, and you can spot it

A capsule of Singapore Flyer

Singapore Botanical Garden

Far away view of Flyer

Man made tree structure with real plants

View from the flyer

Also a season for celebration...of the Chinese new year...the year of the Goat / Sheep!

Chinese new year parade

Flower Show in the Botanical Garden

A busy street

Chinatown at night

From the driver's point of view

A piece of art that has evolved over the 50 years of its independence...and worth every GASP and SIGH it inspires!!

Gorgeousness in B  &W



  1. Beautiful pictures, especially the night shots.

  2. Nice blog with good night shots, must have been wonderful trip.


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