Monday, 5 January 2015

An affair to remember

:-) What can I say! I'm lost in your dream...I wish to never come back from it!

I thought a meet with you would my heart is determined to nurture a long-term relationship with you...

Before I visited you, the name "The city of love" was only a romantic I know, you're not just a city to find love or to visit with the ones we're the city I fell in love with! Head over heels! 

Paris! I say your name, and a smile escapes my eyes!

No matter how much I want to stay rooted, you're the one that made me want to fly ;-P

From Paris with love

Dear visitors, this is my collection of favourite images from my May 2014 trip...the summation of the visual and sensual extravaganza that Paris is! Hope you like it!

The Icon

Couple in front of the icon

It truly is larger than life

The first floor.....and its already so high

The view from our apartment - any contenders?

The Mecca of Art - Louvre

The faraway view of the complex

A work on the insides of the museum walls

Louvre - below the pyramid, its an ocean out there

The sculpture halls

Inspiring Galleries

Louvre ceilings - well the fan is still missing

I met this famous lady - Mona Lisa

Sculpture of a veiled woman

The sights on streets of Paris that I can never grow tired of!

Panoramic sights along the streets

Entrance to the Louvre complex

Any square in Paris looks the same

The academie Nationale of Musique

Institut de France

The sights when you want to look for the horizon

A happy gathering of street musicians and casual tourists

Building opposite Eiffel Tower - Palais de Chaillot

French assembly and the vicinity

River Siene cruise

Lovey dovey couple

Just a busy street

A Residential complex

Lovelock bridge and the Institut de France

Paris in melancholy

So long my love....Au Revoir! Till we meet again!

Like Audrey Hepburn once said "Paris is always a good idea!"

The images above were shot with Nikon D7000 + Nikkor 18-105 VR lens, handheld. The appearance of people in the images is not intentional but a co-incidence during a simple portrayal of the moods of the city. No harm is intended to any individuals appearing in the images.

All the above images are copyrighted by the author of this blog post. Re-production  or storage or transmission or usage of these images in any form even electronic is strictly prohibited. Seek permission.

If you would like to purchase any of the above images, contact me for the price, sizes and formats available.


  1. Lovely pictures and a nice blog. I liked your narration about the 'City of Love'.


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