Monday, 1 December 2014

Quiet moments from the fair

These are some of my favourite moments from Kadalekai Parishe 2014. 

Basava in Basavanagudi

The success of previous posts from past years on this event prompted me to push harder to explore more about the event. Without a doubt, people in such events are my heroes. Their enthusiasm, drive to have fun and festive spirit inspire me to freeze those special moments.

So, here are some frozen moments, sometimes of children, sometimes of adults wanting to be children and sometimes of others freezing their own special moments or of others.

Nobody cares for the robotic future?

I see you, You see me, my lens sees you 

This is my best toy

All it takes is a few bubbles to distract me from my wail!

Balloons all mine, atleast till it reaches the kid back home

Want a punch in the face?

Hum do hamare char char

Fun time with corn and horns

The day I chose to be wicked

My turn next

Capture and cherish

Big fair, lakhs of people but I need the detail in the feather too

No blink no miss

Capturing the sight of Dodda Ganapathi before the butter on Him melts

Stillness surrounded by motion

Capture the same scene, together, on 2 cameras

We were here, among the lakhs

Pull ourselves together for a selfie moment

The images of people used here are simply a representation of the spirit of the festival and in no way are intended to cause any trouble or interfere with their privacy. The images are copyrighted and their usage in any form without my permission is prohibited.


  1. Every sentiment is captured beautifully mamatha. ... if words can say a story.. these pics tells a story of its own. Well done!!

  2. Nicely captured and wonderful captions too...


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