Friday, 4 July 2014

Getting candid with Hampi

Presented here are some of my favourite images of Hampi the way I like to see it...sometimes a different angle, sometimes a different colour, an ignored corner, a neglected window....An attempt to view the ruins and present the beauty from my point of view.

Sometimes, places, locations, things, etc. are typecast to be viewed only in a certain way...wide-angle for landscape, zoom lens for wildlife...but when we break the shackles, the results can be astonishing...most of the images here are shot with Nikon D50 body along with Sigma 100-300mm F4 lens, handheld.

While I was packing my camera gear for this trip to Hampi in 2012, I did realise that I had already seen enough of Hampi...through my friends' images...and the excitement to shoot my version of typical Hampi sites was not, to keep it interesting, I carried along my Sigma 100-300mm lens, just in case. But, when I started shooting with it, the view of the Vijayanagara empire through the lens turned out to be an all new breathtaking the surprise and amusement of a photography group that was touring the location at the same time...

Well, here are the of the images went on to be on the cover of an online photography magazine, maybe, sometimes breaking the stereotype is not all that bad!

the view of the hills ... exactly the same it was 500 years ago

Cut vs uncut - almost diamond

weathered glory 
Heritage behind the stones

Destroyed...not in spirit

A heap of heritage

all the precious stones are bygone history, only the corner stones remain 
A window to the world

PAP, G2SP, RANJIT+.....who else has dreamt of a lover sitting by this window

cutting corners on maintenance

Queen's jacuzzi - open air, with changing rooms and security....hmmm

Imagine walls along the lines...what you get is a sprawling city!

Somebody would have touched this rock.....many hundreds of years give it this poetic shape

ek phera


  1. Very nice images depicting Hampi's rich culture and heritage.

  2. Appreciate the efforts taken to be different, some of them has come out well, you are good at writing & captions, I liked the last but one image the most.

  3. good collections. but try with wide angles only, your perspective changes. also panorama....


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