Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Night on the beach

Fancy title...huh? So, what did you expect? secluded beaches and romantic nights? Sorry no luck..

We are talking about beaches of the Maximum city...of Mumbai that never sleeps...

So, here are some glimpses of the images that have got stuck in my mind of the life on the beaches of Mumbai...of chowpatty and Juhu...of Pav Bhaji, vada pav and slurpy Gola. One can never get enough of them! or can you?

While the water is as dirty as it can get, the activity on the beach is as diverse as the nation Mumbai represents financially.

All the shots below are taken hand-held and with available light (not even flash used). It gives a lovely feel to just see it as is, and not enhance it. Please ignore the minute hand shakes and the warm tone rendered by the omni-present orange lights. Also, the inherent noise in all of them is due to high ISO (640 or higher).

Faraway view of the southern tip of Mumbai city from Chowpatty, with the clouds threatening to spoil the fun

Another view from Chowpatty

Palatial..........hospital !

Juhu....looks like namma city market

the sinning station

A sand sculpture taking shape...a Navratri special I guess

Who is the entertained??

The blazing gaze

Love is in the air.....so are bubbles

peak-business time for the masseurs on the beach

The tall me and the taller him

Pet in expression...actually a balloon

This could be my share for Ambedkar Jayanthi


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