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Bangalore's Annual Groundnut fair - Kadalekai Parishe

During the cold months, the cultural part of Bangalore enlivens with fairs and festivals to warm up the air and hearts of its dwellers. The last monday of Karthika season, and its time again to remember the legend of the bull eating up all the peanuts that were grown in the areas surrounding Basavanagudi. Kempe Gowda, the ruler in the 16th century, got a Bull temple constructed to appease the Gods, and lo, the tyrant stopped. So, here is a festival celebrating the success of the purpose of Bull temple locally called Kadalekai Parishe, where all streets around the temple are strewn by heaps and heaps of Kadalekai - groundnuts.

Heaps of fun!

The pictures below present a tiny account of this huge fair:

A flute seller
Cotton candy

Who costs more

Brands and Bargains

Hits and misses

Street side

Sifting through the left overs on the last day

A glorious morning just right for shopping

Adorned with flowers :)

Colourful woman selling colourless beads

Bulls on bull temple road!

A makeshift garden - in front of the college of eves

Paan singh tomar

Mysterious stare

Monkey salon

Hot strings

Flutter flutter by

You name it

Sweet shapes - squares, rectangles, circles

Green pea salty pea

Best wishes from the bunch of monkeys

Style and belief together

Wood and brass for the lass :P

About the fair:

History: wikipedia link

Where: This happens on Bull temple road and surrounding streets.

When: The day of the fair is fixed as per Hindu calender, but the dates vary every year. So please check and plan your visit accordingly. Usually around December / January every year.

Find the last monday of Kartik / Karthika maasa / Karthigai month.

Kadalekai Parishe 2016: In 2016, the parishe will take place on the 28th of November.


- Stay prepared to walk a long way. The streets are blocked for traffic on the day of the fair, and on the evening before. Be prepared to park your vehicle approximately 200 mtrs away from the venue. Best location I can think of would be near Krishna sweets near DVG road.

- Carry a BIG bag.

- This is our own (namma!) Kumbh Mela! :) So steer clear of jewellery, credit cards and anything else precious. Take special care to ensure the safety of your child.

- Dont forget to pay a visit to the Dodda Basavanna (Big bull) temple.

While you are there:

- If you have planned a day-long visit to the locality, try masala dosas at Vidyarthi Bhavan.

- Take a stroll along DVG road and Gandhi Bazaar for the whiff of local air. Believe me, its very pleasant and will linger on.

- Visit the historical Gavi Gangadhareshwara temple on a hillock which is at walking distance from Bull temple road. This, dear readers, is centuries old and has been so thoughtfully and scientifically designed and constructed that the rays of the Sun touch Lord Shiva's Linga only once in a year on the day of Shankranthi / Sankranthi / Pongal!

- Visit Ramakrishna Ashram for some peace and tranquility and a well-stocked book-store. Its special to visit this place in the evenings between 6 and 7 when Bhajans and Aarthi take place. The experience will stay with you forever.

- Visit Ramanjaneya temple on a hillock in Hanumanthanagar which is at walking distance from Bull temple road. Here you can witness a huge statue depicting the love, affection and friendship of Rama and Anjaneya in a warm embrace. Its indeed a sight to behold.

- Receive divine blessings from Goddess Sharadamba at Shankara Mutt in Shankarapuram approximately 1 km away from the venue. The mutt also has a wonderful collection of spiritual books in its book-store. You are lucky if you can plan and make it to the venue early in the morning because you will then be able to savour the best idlis in town at Brahmin's cafe near Shankar Mutt.

So, that makes for a great "Culture" outing for the starved souls. Go for it!!!!

Have a good time!


  1. Mammu, nice pictures...a tad bit more of note would have add zing to the blog...

  2. Amazing pictures, they look so colorful. It was almost like we are watching it live :) Simply fantastic!!!

  3. fantastic snaps!! captured best moments with nice tags ;) thumpsUp!!


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