Thursday, 17 May 2012

Women of today

Before the Women's day of 2008, I was approached by a friend to create a photo-essay for an online magazine for women....narrating the daily avatars of a young, home, children, interest and desires!

The entire range of pictures were shot right inside my house for the following reasons:
- my daughter was too young to let me go
- I was (and am) an illiterate in the field of image copyrights. so i could not dare to go out on the streets. I will infact appreciate if somebody can share their insights and clear document on the matter.

But here is a positive aspect....a subject is discussed via visual medium in its absence!

gear: Nikon D50 with kit lens

Kindly leave your comments right here and not on the justfemme website. Thanks.

So here you go:

The same pictures have been inserted here for a detailed look. They lack resolution but oops, these are the only edited copies i've preserved.

1. backpack: the traveller woman

2. comb_coffee_threads_ET: thats a part of the routine

3. dreamy: down to the core romantic and dreamy in the eye (thats why the pic is hazy!)


4. dressup: every woman's favourite job


5. education_vs_marriage: a conflict faced by almost all professionally inclined women


6. Ethnic_Chic: balancing the old and new


7. fetish: all have it :-)


8. kitchen: a must-visit place for all women. so u better make the place pleasant


9. shop_with_a_vengeance: notice the remote. remember the joke where the woman goes shopping with the remote while the guy plans to watch a match at home?


10. storytime_vs_work: time crunch does not stop her from letting the kid have fun


11. vessels_CDs: well, thats how the kitchen is turning out to be


12. work_with_baby: what more can I say? all bungled up for sure.


Thanks for you time ! :-)

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