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Lush Vibrant Bandipur

A chance break from the normal happened....and how....!!!

Here is a brief account of my visit to Bandipur wildlife sanctuary with a bunch of like-minded individuals….When I chose this trip, my intention was to find an urgent escape to nature…I was aching to breathe fresh jungle air…and also to provide some work to the camera that had been lying idle for a little too long…So thus I set out on a three / four day trip to Bandipur with the camera.

What I got from this trip is
- excellent learning about shooting on-the-go
- knowledge on animal behaviour
- knowledge of Bandipur and its surroundings
- a quick excursion to Himavad Gopalswamy Betta (an added bonus)
- fabulous company
- my first tiger sighting (from the times I can remember)
- fulfilling my childhood dream of seeing a peacock open its feathers
- and best of all the lush greenery of the jungle!

Each day would begin with a 3 hour safari. So for once, the excitement would make sure I woke up at 5.30 am everyday, which is just close to impossible otherwise. The following few hours would be spent on recounting the exciting moments of the safari and processing the pictures, and lo, it would already be time to go on the next safari by early evening. The time that followed would just fly what with all of us just waiting to discuss what we had learnt and what we had captured. So the days passed by, and the trip came to a fantastic end with 6 safaris and the experience that came with them.

Here are some of the pictures I have captured, broadly grouped for no specific reason, mostly for the number of pictures in each category. I used Nikon D50 camera body with Sigma AF 100-300 mm lens. Both primitive and insufficient for this trip in my opinion. All the shots were taken hand-held, due to which you will notice reduction in sharpness and inherent shake in all of them.

The deer: Spotted Deer and Sambar

Thats a bunch of ladies at a kitty party...its time to serve the tea

Thats a lady in the stillettos giving a straight look at her stalkers

Guys give up....stop fighting over a girl

The elephants: Oh we came across so many, I started to ignore them like stray dogs.

This herd gave us a mock chase

Calf and the protective mother

The Indian Gaur: The uber-cool or the super hot….its for the viewers to decide….but the Gaurs did evoke deep interest from one of my friends….ahem!!

Birds: While we desperately look out for pretty looking birds around our cities in vain, Bandipur is one place where you effortlessly bump into one at every stride.
Red wattled lapwing

Bush Chat

Changeable Hawk Eagle with the kill

Green Bee Eater

Magpie Robin

Oriental Honey Buzzard

Peacock with feathers spread - busy attracting two females (not in the picture)

Crested Serpent Eagle

Others: I was fortunate to have finally seen a tiger in a jungle and not in a zoo.
Black Naped Hare

Tiger Cub

You would notice that some of the shots barely disclose the identity of the animal, and some don’t even do that. Well, I would say, this is my first experience of visiting a jungle with a single purpose of photographing the animals. And when that rare animal is finally spotted, I almost lost my mind in the excitement. Howz that for an antithesis!

All in all, a trip to remember!!

Women of today

Before the Women's day of 2008, I was approached by a friend to create a photo-essay for an online magazine for women....narrating the daily avatars of a young, home, children, interest and desires!

The entire range of pictures were shot right inside my house for the following reasons:
- my daughter was too young to let me go
- I was (and am) an illiterate in the field of image copyrights. so i could not dare to go out on the streets. I will infact appreciate if somebody can share their insights and clear document on the matter.

But here is a positive aspect....a subject is discussed via visual medium in its absence!

gear: Nikon D50 with kit lens

Kindly leave your comments right here and not on the justfemme website. Thanks.

So here you go:

The same pictures have been inserted here for a detailed look. They lack resolution but oops, these are the only edited copies i've preserved.

1. backpack: the traveller woman

2. comb_coffee_threads_ET: thats a part of the routine

3. dreamy: down to the core romantic and dreamy in the eye (thats why the pic is hazy!)


4. dressup: every woman's favourite job


5. education_vs_marriage: a conflict faced by almost all professionally inclined women


6. Ethnic_Chic: balancing the old and new


7. fetish: all have it :-)


8. kitchen: a must-visit place for all women. so u better make the place pleasant


9. shop_with_a_vengeance: notice the remote. remember the joke where the woman goes shopping with the remote while the guy plans to watch a match at home?


10. storytime_vs_work: time crunch does not stop her from letting the kid have fun


11. vessels_CDs: well, thats how the kitchen is turning out to be


12. work_with_baby: what more can I say? all bungled up for sure.


Thanks for you time ! :-)

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