Sunday, 11 December 2011

My Tryst with the moon on the terrace

Hobbies always get resisted by the must be that aloo tikki chaat at venkateswara sweet meat stall that gave me the final push to head back home straight and grab the camera and the accessories and rush to the terrace to view that spectacle of a total lunar eclipse just in time...

the eclipse process was half way through already and i knew that i had to get the camera specs right if i had to capture each stage here on without with the very little experience i have (and the feeling of "women can never get the technical specs right" running on the back of my mind) i started shooting....all my previous experiences with moon had failed with the subject looking over exposed...with the pic looking like a bright bulb

so, my tiny brain (with most of its network lines still waiting to get wired) conjured up enough logic that getting the right amount of light onto the camera sensor is the key to avoid the subject looking over-exposed...and hence the trial and error process began....i tried every possible combination available on that camera because once the moment is gone, its just gone...

2 hours in the cold night......alone.....on the terrace.....and 200 shots later.....this is what i got...

The picture below is the result of stitching together of 6 shots of the moon in different states of the eclipse starting from the total eclipse (on the extreme left) to the un-eclipsing as we proceed right. The pic definitely is not perfect and can be subject to 100 other changes to make it look better.....

But hey, i love it......for the fact that i finally got a clear image of the, here starts the saga of Mammu's lunar photography ;-)


  1. Hey Mamtha, Nice Snaps and looks very proffessional. Wish you all the best for all shooting opportunities ;)

  2. Moon Mam,
    Wow.. Cool snaps that you taken out of those painstaking 200 shots...:-) well done and way to go Mammu. :-):-)


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